What makes  20DollarUnlocks.ca different?
With 20DollarUnlocks.ca , you are guaranteed the following:
Factory Unlock Services
Sitewide HTTPS and SSL Protection
Purchase Protection from PayPal and 20 Dollar Unlocks
Our famous no unlock, no charge policy
IMEI protection guarantee (Your IMEI stays confidential)
By providing you the best unlocking service in Canada, we strive to be number one every day.
We provide factory unlock codes, which are not only permanent, but also are the best ways to unlock your phone as they do not void your warranty.
You may wonder, "what can someone really do with my IMEI?" and you would be surprised to know. With an obtained IMEI, a black market operator can copy the IMEI to a different phone, and make that phone appear as if it is using the same IMEI as your own, legitimate phone. The operator can then use the phone for all illegal and criminal purposes, and all his cellular actions will be traced back to the IMEI--your IMEI that they have used in the system.

With the IMEI on hand, investigators may inquire you for any activities related to the black market operator, and you may be held responsible for handing out your IMEI to these criminal services--even though you did not intend to do so.

Here at 20DollarUnlocks.ca , we guarantee this will never happen. How do we know this will not happen? We use quality, top-level, established sources that are known to keep data private, and away from the hands of black markets. In addition, our website is encrypted by SSL, and you can be assured that IMEI theft is out of question when using 20DollarUnlocks.ca

In addition to identity-theft protection, 20DollarUnlocks.ca will query more than 5 databases for getting the proper factory code for your device, which unlocks your phone permanently, not temporarily like our competitors.
Competitors offering USB and non-factory codes do not only make your phone's warranty void, but they may also put your safety at risk. Take a look at how our ordering process works:
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