Frequently Asked Questions
Order the code from us, receive it in your email.
Insert any SIM not from your original carrier.
Input the code from 20 Dollar Unlocks.
All done! If you are using a Samsung device and getting "Unlock Unsuccessful", please follow these steps.
Order the unlock from us, wait for a completion email.
Connect iPhone to iTunes with a non accepted SIM.
Wait until iTunes detects your iPhone.
Disconnect your iPhone and reconnect it after 10 seconds.
iTunes will say "Congratulations your iPhone is unlocked"
For iPhones
Q: How do I unlock my phone?
For non-iPhones
Q: Why and not somewhere else?

A: At , we guarantee our services will work as intended. Not working? You get a complete refund. Simple. just make sure you have not reached the code input limit on your phone. There is no "Unfortunately your phone could not be unlocked and no refund can be issued" business here, we stand by our customers and provide the best experience possible.

Convenience is key. By using , you do not have to commute to a store and pay higher prices for a phone unlocking service. You can make order and keep on using your device as usual, no need to send it anywhere. Once the unlock arrives, you can simply follow the unlock instructions above and use any SIM you wish to use.

We provide factory unlock services for all phones. We do not use third party unlock methods such as unlock boxes and firmware flashes, because those void your warranty and leave you with a device that can not be updated because of a modified status. Using our services, you can update, modify, jailbreak, root or change your device any way you want and it will remain unlocked no matter what.

By choosing as your unlock source, you are supporting a one hundred percent Canadian company with no out-of-Canada connections. Our operations take place inside the country with all suppliers being Canadian as well.

Q: How long till my order arrives? Where is my order?

A: Most orders complete within one business day (Mon-Fri).
In some cases, your order may arrive within two or three days.
Please keep an eye on your SPAM/JUNK mailbox as orders often end up there in error. Although more than 99% of our orders arrive within 0-3 business days, please note that we do not provide any guarantees. We can only deliver the unlock services to you as fast as the device manufacturer or carrier.

Q: What if I order an unlock code for an already unlocked device?

A: It is the customers' responsibility to make sure they are not ordering codes for an already unlocked device. We do not have any way of ensuring whether it is unlocked or not, and we will deliver your code as usual.  Please keep in mind that we do not issue refunds for phones that are already unlocked due to a high number of fraudulent claims.  In special circumstances if we are informed right away after the order is placed, we may be able to cancel your order and refund you to your original source.

Q: Are all phones really $20 to unlock? Even iPhones?

A: Yes, all phones are $20 to unlock, there is no catch. This also includes iPhones.

Q: I want to pay via Interac e-transfer. Where do I send it?

A: You can send your Interac payment to our email:
[email protected] .
You can then send us a separate email with your phone's IMEI, Carrier, and date when Interac e-Transfer was sent.

Q: I am still not convinced.

A: We understand. There are thousands of websites and you may not have had good experiences with all of them.

Whatever it is, shoot us an email, text us or make a support ticket. We will be happy to explain the extensive security and customer satisfaction measures we take to ensure you as our customer.

If you have any questions , please contact us.
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